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What has happened to Corporate Australia?

Recent events affecting a good friend of mine have me steaming with anger at the state of affairs in some big businesses in this country.

Yes, I’m looking at you, “Corporate Australia”, and pointing the finger at the way you are treating some of your very own hard-working, A-Playing, fiercely loyal and dedicated long-term employees who are being mistreated by fellow co-workers in so called “middle management”.

These are hard-working employees whose stories you will never hear, because they end up resigning in utter disbelief and disgust at the lack of integrity and corruption that exists in the form of brotherhoods (especially male dominated) and nepotistic and even sometimes openly sexual relationships between senior managers.

I’m talking about dedicated employees who after years of loyal service are marched out the door upon resigning, not because they are a threat to the company or its intellectual property, but because they “know too much” and because the fear of them partaking in an “exit interview” is likely to raise awareness of what is happening and more importantly just how poorly performing some of the culprits really are.

It is such a shame that in that fat layer of mid-rift that exists in much of Corporate Australia, not much gets done, besides golf-playing, bar-drinking, back-slapping and secret-meetings.  In the meantime, everyone else below or above the “middle” continue to work and play hard, and apart from C-level executives, should be so lucky to bring home the bacon on the back of so little effort.

What happened to my friend has made me so thankful to work with such wonderful hard-working people, who all have a sense of a working Culture that includes Integrity and respect for each-other, because without that you’re just a number – and the worst kind of number you want to be is one that works in Corporate Australia.

Thanks for your lending me your ears 🙂



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