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Remember when websites used to have a page dedicated to links that took you to other people’s websites? Yes, I’m that old, and so are you apparently.

Here’s a random collection of interesting things that I add to as I stumble across them, or as people recommend new and interesting things to me. Got any to share?

  • – check out this site for some great Phishing tools for business including an SPF checker.
  • Free DNS – the site allows you to register subdomains underneath domains that belong to other people?! It’s great for testing all sorts of crazy things.
  • Dropbox (referral link) – I’ve used Dropbox since they first started, and this referral link will give you 500MB of extra storage on the free Basic plan!
  • Cloud9 – this is a cloud based sharing and collaboration service. A friend showed me how he uses it to keep SSH sessions open and accessible from multiple devices. (Update 2019: This platform was acquired by Amazon and is now part of AWS offerings)
  • Certificate Transparency Search – Google’s Certificate Transparency project provides much needed visibility to where and how TLS certificates are being used, this search tool is invaluable.
  • Best Practices on Hardening (or something) – stumbled across this Trello board (and you should check out Trello if you haven’t already) with various hardening tips.
  • Pairings in Crypto & Dan Boneh – a great YouTube clip from Dan Boneh who is an amazing crypto lecturer at Stanford University. Watch this for some fantastic speculation on P256.
  • Kryptonite – someone recently showed me this seemingly cool looking authentication app for SSH access and key management.
  • IOHK Research Library – an interesting collection of research papers covering cryptography, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other such related topics.
  • Weak ECDSA Signatures in Bitcoin – a great write up here of some of the risks of using weak random numbers in the ECDSA process for signing transactions.
  • QUIC – A multiplexed stream transport using UDP, looks interesting and claims to have reduced connection times and less protocol overhead.
  • Front-end development guide – this big post on Medium from the folk at Grab is really useful as an overview of what the modern kids are doing.
  • Search Engine for Learning – this open source search engine produces a mind-map like result page with learning paths of interest for many different topics.
  • Information Security Mindmaps – there are some great mindmaps here covering ISO27001, Hacking Challenges, PCI DSS, Infrastructure Reviews and more.
  • Awesome-Rust List – this is a great resource with links to all sorts of cool stuff you can do with the Rust Language which is gaining lots of popularity for many different reasons.
  • Grabify Link – this is similar to Canary Tokens and provides a way to generate URLs that redirect to a target, but provide information about the people clicking on the links. Useful for tracking purposes.
  • Logomakr – Want to make a quick logo for your new Unicorn startup business idea? Look no further.
  • SSL Configuration Generator – check out this little gem from Mozilla which allows you to perfect your configuration options for Nginx or Apache and others, to provide optimal support for TLS for your requirements.

Got any more useful links to share with me? Let me know in the comments.

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