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Remember when websites used to have a page dedicated to links that took you to other people’s websites? Yes, I’m that old, and so are you apparently.

Here’s a random collection of interesting things that I add to as I stumble across them, or as people recommend new and interesting things to me. Got any to share?

  • – check out this site for some great Phishing tools for business including an SPF checker.
  • Free DNS – the site allows you to register subdomains underneath domains that belong to other people?! It’s great for testing all sorts of crazy things.
  • Dropbox (referral link) – I’ve used Dropbox since they first started, and this referral link will give you 500MB of extra storage on the free Basic plan!
  • Cloud9 – this is a cloud based sharing and collaboration service. A friend showed me how he uses it to keep SSH sessions open and accessible from multiple devices. (Update 2019: This platform was acquired by Amazon and is now part of AWS offerings)
  • Certificate Transparency Search – Google’s Certificate Transparency project provides much needed visibility to where and how TLS certificates are being used, this search tool is invaluable.
  • Best Practices on Hardening (or something) – stumbled across this Trello board (and you should check out Trello if you haven’t already) with various hardening tips.
  • Pairings in Crypto & Dan Boneh – a great YouTube clip from Dan Boneh who is an amazing crypto lecturer at Stanford University. Watch this for some fantastic speculation on P256.
  • Kryptonite – someone recently showed me this seemingly cool looking authentication app for SSH access and key management.
  • IOHK Research Library – an interesting collection of research papers covering cryptography, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other such related topics.
  • Weak ECDSA Signatures in Bitcoin – a great write up here of some of the risks of using weak random numbers in the ECDSA process for signing transactions.
  • QUIC – A multiplexed stream transport using UDP, looks interesting and claims to have reduced connection times and less protocol overhead.
  • Front-end development guide – this big post on Medium from the folk at Grab is really useful as an overview of what the modern kids are doing.
  • Search Engine for Learning – this open source search engine produces a mind-map like result page with learning paths of interest for many different topics.
  • Information Security Mindmaps – there are some great mindmaps here covering ISO27001, Hacking Challenges, PCI DSS, Infrastructure Reviews and more.
  • Awesome-Rust List – this is a great resource with links to all sorts of cool stuff you can do with the Rust Language which is gaining lots of popularity for many different reasons.
  • Grabify Link – this is similar to Canary Tokens and provides a way to generate URLs that redirect to a target, but provide information about the people clicking on the links. Useful for tracking purposes.
  • Logomakr – Want to make a quick logo for your new Unicorn startup business idea? Look no further.

Got any more useful links to share with me? Let me know in the comments.

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