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10 Family Safe YouTube Videos

UPDATE May 2016: I’m pleased to see that five years after I wrote this blog post, that YouTube do now have an option for child friendly content – YouTube Kids. Check it out!

As a parent, I’ve become increasingly frustrated at YouTube and their lack of Content Ratings.  YouTube just isn’t a safe environment for young children to be exposed to, and so I’ve found myself having to inspect every video clip ahead of time.

All YouTube would need to do is give the people uploading clips the ability to classify them with certain ratings – this would go a long way to filtering the content into suitable classifications for viewing, and the feedback/complaints from viewers would ultimately ensure the correct classification anyway.

One good example of a terrible clip on YouTube is this one that starts off looking appropriate for small children, and then changes into something completely different.

So, what I’ve done is put together this playlist.

10 YouTube Family Safe Videos (click here)

It’s 27 minutes of viewing for your family to enjoy.  When we watch these clips with our boys (and especially the Gummy Bear song) they end up jumping all over our lounge room and having lots of fun!

Enjoy and be good.

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