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Happy New Year! Here’s what I’ll be doing in 2011

For me, this isn’t a time for reflection.  This is a time for nailing down all the things in my life that really matter, and organising the things that are going to make a difference to my life next year.  The need for people to return to common values and human interaction almost seems like a niche market these days; or maybe I’m spending too much time Tweeting?

I’ve spent the better half of 2010 absorbing knowledge from every corner of the globe, every Internet Marketer, every Business Person, anyone I found interesting. Watching. Waiting. Listening to what people are doing. Discussing how it can be done better. So, this New Year for me will be all about putting everything into ACTION.

DON’T THINK, DO. – that’s my motto for 2011.

What will I be doing in 2011?
  • First up, I’ll be starting an 84 Day Body Challenge!! ( on 10th January and blogging and tweeting (@84daybody) about every sordid detail.
  • I’ll be continuing to forge new partnerships and mastermind groups with talented entrepreneurs.
  • Less time will be spent subscribing to new sources of information, as I focus on implementing and practicing what I have learned so far.
  • Our business (AppsLife™ and Click Names) will continue improving and working on several sites/brands that we run, maximising our profits as we go.
  • I’ll be reading (or most likely listening) to one new book every month.
  • I’d also like a stab at doing some writing of my own.
So, that and a lot more, I’m sure.  With about 500 days to go to my 40th Birthday, I’m also motivated by the “middle age” crisis!  And if someone can explain how Chapter 11 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich works, I’ll be forever grateful 😉

My take on technology in 2010
  • We saw Cloud Computing continue in growth and awareness, but still lots of trepidation and trust and privacy issues.
  • Twitter cemented itself as one of the big four online players along with Facebook, YouTube and Google (Search).
  • eCommerce spend on the Internet broke all previous sales records.
  • The term “Social Network” became so popular they made a movie about it, and Facebook.
  • 3D Movies are cool again, but 3D in the home continues to be slower than some pundits initially thought.
Where do I see the future of technology in 2011?
  • We’ll no doubt see sites like Quora that implement and leverage from Twitter & Facebook appear and grow (and some will disappear).
  • Already 2 out of every 5 Facebook users are using a Mobile device, I’m sure this space will continue to grow and change how we interact IRL (in real life).
  • A whole range of issues relating to Internet Security are going to get far more worse, the beginnings of real Cyberwars? More diplomatic dramas. And be warned Mac users!
  • Facebook may start moving in on some of Google’s Search traffic as the world adapts to Recommendations and “Likes” instead of Link Ranking algorithms – I have a feeling Microsoft’s persistence in the fringes of this space may start paying off via Bing.
  • Online advertising will increasingly become the default spend for every bricks and mortar business if they want to attract customers.
  • Outsourcing and leveraging from global arbitrage is likely to expand as smaller players in this space grow and start to provide quick and easily accessible B2B services.
  • Computers will get faster.  The Internet will get bigger.  But you already knew that!
Thanks for all your time in 2010, and above all else Happy New Year!  May your 2011 be filled with health, prosperity and bliss.



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  1. Michael, a Happy New Year to you too! Intrigued by the 84 day body challenge; I’ll be keeping an eye on that one.One of the big changes I have promised myself for 2011 is to allow myself the time and space for the kind of thinking, planning and doing that you talk about above. You’ve reminded me that Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich lies unread on my bedside table. I’ll get on and read it mate and we can discuss chapter 11. Have a great one mate and I look forward to us all having an awesome 2011 and beyond!

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