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Do Australians really suffer from Facebook fatigue?

According to this recent news story, we’re to believe that Facebook has “jumped the shark” and may be on the decline, but I guess we won’t really know until we have a better idea of where those users would be moving to – until a viable alternative appears, it’s anyones guess what will happen in the long run with Facebook.

It appears Aussies are starting to suffer from ‘Facebook fatigue’, according to new data from a social media monitor.

The data, collected by social media monitoring firm Social Bakers, shows around 115,000 less people have logged on each month since the beginning of 2013 – with almost 400,000 users walking away from Facebook since December.

‘When Facebook was starting up they got a lot of people on and it was very novel, but the novelty has worn off a little bit, so now people are scaling back use,’ Social media marketing expert at the Queensland University of Technology Business School, Professor Larry Neale, told News Limited.

And it’s not just Down Under – in recent years, millions of users in the US and Europe also started deactivating their accounts.

via Australians suffer from Facebook fatigue | Technology | BigPond News.



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