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Windows 7 is coming, BUT you should already be using Vista!

It is such a shame that so many suckers still run Windows XP, because even compared with that bad boy Vista, XP is such a dog's breakfast in terms of security and Vista has so many other advantages with security (that of course are in Windows 7).

For example, Vista (and Win7) use Address space layout randomization by default as opposed having to add this yourself to XP using something like Wehntrust.

Yes, okay Vista is a little different, and it feels a little bit heavier than XP, but so many people are still using XP

only based on the bad press it has gotten

; despite all the good press it should have been getting about how more secure it really is.

The other thing that irks me is that UAC in Vista is so misunderstood and the implications of disabling it are almost always NOT what you want – so my advice here is do not under any circumstance disable UAC.  Yes, some people really dislike the UAC prompts, and yes, Microsoft could have done a nicer job (and they made some improvement to the situation in SP1) but it really is worth the security it provides – especially over Windows XP!

So, it is never too late to update from Windows XP to Windows Vista – including right now!  So, if you are holding out for Windows 7, just understand that you are risking a lot in the meantime.

Take care out there.



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